Be You.

Tell your own story, and you’ll be interesting.

Louise Bourgeois

Why be miserable trying to be someone else, someone you think you should be? I’ve struggled with that in the past. And after years-and-years, I decided to stop struggling and become curious: who am I, anyway? Yoga has deepened that curiosity and sprinkled in some loving kindness.

Yoga is all about beginning again — coming back to where you are with each breath.  The more mindful breathing you do, the more aware you become of You. And the more aware you are of your True Self, the more grounded you feel in your body, your mind, your heart. That means less shoulda-woulda-couldas, and more hey-guys-this-is-me. Less FOMO, more I’m Doing Me.

I write the story of my life one day at a time. Each day brings a new beginning, another opportunity to Be Me. And right now, I feel a trikonasana (triangle) calling to me. Cheers!


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