Get out of your funk. Or don’t.


It’s all well and good to be happy, feel joyful and content. But what about when you don’t?

Last week was such a week for me. My body was fighting a cold, but my mind was fighting me.

“Why did I get sick?”

“What about all the things I need to do?”

“This is so inconvenient! For me, for my partner, my coworkers, my yoga classmates…”

This negative self-talk led to a negative week. I knew I could meditate, do some gentle asana, but I didn’t. I chose to be in, continue in, deepen the funk.

So how did I get out of my funk?

I decided that I was done with it.

I’ve lost count of the things I don’t have control of in my life, but my attitude, my intention, is not one of them. Hell, it might be the only thing I do have control over. (Wouldn’t that be scary?) That doesn’t mean I can control how I feel. Ha! I wish. But I can do something about my response to how I feel. Instead of blaming myself for letting my funk go on for a week, I chose to be kind to myself. Instead of forcing a smile on my face to “snap out of it”, I acknowledged the validity of my funk and let go of my tug-of-war between my “shoulds” and my “cans.”

I started to feel empowered by my choice, and grateful for the things that didn’t stink in my life.

So here’s what I learned about happiness:  you get to choose it. You have the power to be happy. And I don’t believe that there’s a right choice. If you read this post and said “fuck off, I’m busy frowning!” then right on, because hey, you just exercised your power to choose.


Image credit: Edward Monkton



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