Yoga and low back pain

NPR posted an article on how mindful meditation, yoga, and cognitive behavioral therapy can reduce chronic lower back pain and stress related to it.

As my practice of yoga continues, I am able to experience the intelligence of my body in new and eye-opening ways. Tension in the back of my neck can indicate that I’ve been at the computer too long, and also that I’ve been carrying and holding onto stressors in my day-to-day life. Asana practice teaches me body awareness so that I can hone in on exactly where I’m feeling pain or sensation. Meditation teaches me how to listen to my body and connect the physical sensations I feel with how I am feeling mentally and emotionally.

By developing mindfulness of my body, I can use its great intelligence to help make informed decisions when it comes to my physical health. Yeah, sometimes that means a visit to the doctor and a prescription to help my body in the fight. But I also have a powerful tool that I carry with me at all times, tailored to tell me the big picture of what the physical sensations I feel mean for me.


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