Lila: being playful

Sometimes when I’m practicing yoga, I catch myself being very serious about my journey. Am I doing this pose good enough? Have I really let go with my exhales? Maybe I didn’t try hard enough in meditation…

There’s a concept I came across recently called lila, which means playfulness for the sake of playfulness.  I think it’s a way of letting go and enjoying the moment. When I fall during Natarajasana (Dancer’s pose) and I laugh, the pose is no longer something I must conquer, but a way of playing: standing tall and bending back and reaching for your toes!

On my journey as a yoga teacher and a yoga practitioner, there are times when I am so focused that I take things too seriously.  Being able to be playful, curious, and exploring with poses, philosophy, and finding my teaching style helps me balance the depth and profoundness of what I learn with lightheartedness and fun. After all, life is short! Why not have some fun?


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