Jai! The end of my yoga teacher training

On Saturday night, my yoga teacher training tribe met for our closing circle: a celebration of the last 9 months of learning, sharing, and growing together. We are the inaugural graduating class — pioneers of the first teacher training program at Living Yoga Center. We came from different backgrounds: law, accounting, academia, business, massage therapy. We grew up in different generations, traveled to different places. Yet somehow, we created a deep love for each other.

We all spoke about what we learned in the last year, how this program has changed our lives, in large ways and small. We wrote down an intention for our knowledge going forward on blank index cards, then set the cards on fire one by one to let go of the intention and trust that the universe will reveal each step as we go. My favorite part of our closing circle, however, was this: the comfortable silence we shared as we sat down in the living room of our teacher’s house, on benches, plush armchairs, rolling office chairs, on the floor, and ate food brought by all.

My second favorite moment was this:




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