Aahhhhh! We’re moving!

Just picked up malaria medication for our trip! The countdown is real: 3 days till we move out, 2.5 weeks till we leave Champaign, IL for good, and 8 weeks till we leave the US of A!

So many changes happening now: packing up the things we need and shedding the things we don’t, scouring the web for daily costs at each country (and we’ve got quite a list: Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, Myanmar to name a few), beginning the process of eventually moving to Europe: deciding which country makes the most sense, where can we find jobs, and don’t even get me started on work visas…it’s all exciting and stressful and scary and — what I try to tell myself — fun.

My partner M has been immensely supportive when I start freaking out about the future. He reminds me that I’ll only experience this moment once. Isn’t there a yoga sutra about this?

Ah, how about the first one? Atha yoga anushasanam: yoga is now. Today, I’m reminded to be present and not let fear rule my perspective. Much like working on a difficult pose on the mat, working on letting go of incessant (non-helpful) thoughts is yoga off the mat.

I leave you with this Buddhist temple that I came across on a hike outside of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia back in 2013. It was tucked away, bathed in the silence of the forest surrounding it. For me it’s a reminder of being present, and letting the little mysteries of life unravel on the path I’ve chosen to take 🙂



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