Round-the-world itinerary

Edit: M asked why our US leg was not included. I’d thought of them as two separate trips, but I like his idea of calling it a warm-up. So there it is.

At the end of September, my partner M and I embark on a one year round the world trip. As we travel,  I plan to teach yoga along the way and connect with fellow yogis and anyone curious about yoga. I also hope to deepen my studies of yoga.

Here’s our itinerary::

The Warm-Up..

August: NYC

September: San Francisco, Seattle & Tri-cities, WA, Vancouver

The Main Event..

September: Japan

October: Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar

November: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

December: Vietnam, Indonesia

January: Malaysia, Italy

Feb – TBD: Europe, N. Africa

Excited to embark on this journey! Can’t wait to share photos and stories like these! 😉



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