Kiona Winery tasting, GPS updates

Yesterday, M, his parents and I went for a wine tasting at Kiona Vineyards and Winery. This particular winery was recommended to me by a fellow yogi back in Champaign, IL; his cousin owns the place. Coincidentally, it’s only a 10 minute drive from where we were staying! Small world.

It was a gorgeous afternoon. Sunny, temp in the low 80s with a balmy breeze — feels great in this dry east-of-the-Cascades climate. The winery wasn’t busy, and we got a private tasting with our friendly and good-natured sommelier. M and I ended up buying a bottle of Carménère to open on the patio. M spent a few years serving at a fine dining restaurant in college, where he took a weekly wine class, so I enjoy trying new wines with him. I learn so much!

Today we spent the day with M’s parents’ pups. M and I took turns watching the pups and running along the Columbia River. I’m really loving the dry climate! No hot-and-sticky here.

We also set up M’s SPOT gps to send messages to our close friends and family during our trip. I’d never heard of it before this trip, but it’s pretty neat: you can send emergency and non-emergency help requests as well as location updates to people on our list via satellite. How cool!

Today we drive to Seattle, going from desert to rainforest in 3.5 hours. I’m mentally preparing myself for the change in weather: from high 70s/sunny/dry to mid 60s/drizzly/humid. Good thing I brought my rain jacket 🙂


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