A lover of human connection, I am fascinated by the rich textures of food, music, dance, culture, language, and landscapes that my travels have shown me. By experiencing the different ways people express life, I find common ground in what makes us human. And boy is it AWE-some. My study of yoga is a study of life, observing and celebrating the journey. When I teach yoga, I aim to serve as a reflector: to observe and reflect my students’ potential back to them and awaken in them the tools for their journey that are already within.



my blog

Yoga is like a good pot of tea: it awakens your senses, nourishes you, and warms your soul. Making tea is like practicing yoga: steeping tea leaves in hot water transforms the water into a rich, aromatic tea, just like practicing yoga transforms your body, mind, and spirit towards its full potential.

This blog is about how yoga weaves into my life and wanderings. It’s by no means a finished product, tied neatly in a bow. Rather it’s the steeping process: the evolution of perspective through time. And it’s a reminder to myself that life isn’t so serious, is it?



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