What is success?

This video about Hayao Miyazaki’s work came up as I was browsing YouTube today. I’ve been a huge fan of his movies for years; they speak to me as deeply as they did when I was 10 years old, but in different ways.

As I travel, I’ve been trying to figure out how I define success as a yoga teacher. What I’ve seen is: marketability + popularity –> success. And that frustrates me because that’s not how I define it.

But as I watched the video, it inspired me to define success for myself, much like Hayao Miyazaki did as he told his stories. Maybe success isn’t a rigid definition at all, but a journey carving out bit by bit as I go.


Art! Stay wild

Nature is awesome. It never fails to bring me closer to the present. When I practice yoga in nature, it’s like getting a zen boost. Chris Burkard really captures the AWE-someness of being surrounded in it. If you can’t make it out there yourself, this is the next best thing.

stay wild.


Image Credit: Chris Burkard


Art! Otherworldly tea residue

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Check this out tea lovers. Macro photography always has an otherworldly quality to me. Zooming in on the details, the big picture is obscured. Then it’s up to the observer to make sense of what they’re looking at. Sound familiar?

Image credit: Arthur Grand

Art! Fauna & Flora

Lauren Matsumoto of Brooklyn, NY created this series titled “Flora & Fauna”, an entwinement of flowers, birds, and everyday man-made objects.

This series stuck out to me because now that I’ve finished my yoga teacher training program, I’ve been feeling bits of trepidation and excitement as I ponder what comes next. How will I intertwine what I’ve learned into my practice and my classes? How will I continue to grow and follow my dharma (purpose), and connect with students and teachers along the way?

Yoga means union. Joining together the nature, spirit, soul that we were born in with the objects that we created to find a balance. To become fully present in this world, that we were created by and that we create in. To be!

Image credit: Lauren Matsumoto

Art! A human botanical garden

Travis Bedel a.k.a. Bedelgeuse does some really cool collages combining human anatomy and flora/fauna taken right out of a botanical garden. These pieces, like the one he did above of the flowered lungs, gave me visual inspiration for yoga cues such as “taking a deep, fluid breath” and “breathing deeply, expanding the ribcage”.

We’ve been diligently coloring our anatomy lessons for teacher training, and it’s really given me appreciation of even the small things I do, like lifting a hot cup of tea to my lips, or swiveling around on both feet when I realize I went the wrong direction. Isn’t the human body amazing?



Image Credit: Travis Bedel