Don’t forget the little joys

Hello from Torino, Italy!

I took some time off blogging as we transitioned from Asia to Europe to soak in the new lifestyle and surroundings and to gather info/make decisions about what comes after this round-the-world trip. Decisions, decisions…

Anyway, I read this thoughtful piece about taking time each day to appreciate what’s around you, specifically the pieces of nature, big or small. I found it relevant and grounding as both M and I are looking to the future, beyond this amazing trip that we’ve taken. As we think about what and where our next step will be, we’ve both found stillness in meditation and walks through Italian streets.

The pace of life here in Europe is one we both appreciate; work to live, don’t live to work. Even though our next year may take us back to the US, this year has given us invaluable insight into being present, appreciating what we have, and enjoying what’s in front of us.

As Herman Hesse writes,

All things have their vivid aspects, even the uninteresting or ugly; one must only want to see.

Image Credit: Sydney Smith


Lila: being playful

Sometimes when I’m practicing yoga, I catch myself being very serious about my journey. Am I doing this pose good enough? Have I really let go with my exhales? Maybe I didn’t try hard enough in meditation…

There’s a concept I came across recently called lila, which means playfulness for the sake of playfulness.  I think it’s a way of letting go and enjoying the moment. When I fall during Natarajasana (Dancer’s pose) and I laugh, the pose is no longer something I must conquer, but a way of playing: standing tall and bending back and reaching for your toes!

On my journey as a yoga teacher and a yoga practitioner, there are times when I am so focused that I take things too seriously.  Being able to be playful, curious, and exploring with poses, philosophy, and finding my teaching style helps me balance the depth and profoundness of what I learn with lightheartedness and fun. After all, life is short! Why not have some fun?